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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Creating Corporate Identity through Bespoke Solutions

As a corporate organisation you know that consistent branding is key to conveying the right message. Because of this, Core Media Design has developed specialist Corporate Solutions that bring together and enhance every aspect of your profile so that you are instantly recognised and respected both by your customers and by your workforce.

Do you want to be instantly recognised and respected? Then you need absolutely everything to convey the same message; the right message for your audience and your employees.

And what’s more, you also need corporate support to ensure that your outward profile is backed up by efficient, smooth running internal systems.

That’s why Core Media Design is dedicated to working with you to establish your good standing in both ways and then transcribe it into the various aspects of your internal and external marketing, including your:

  • Website, Ecommerce, Content Management and Database systems
  • Company Intranet
  • Internal automated administration systems
  • Multimedia and printed presentations
  • Customer relationship management programmes
  • Online PR and Social Networking
  • Offline PR including media coverage and advertising
  • Corporate Stationery and logo
  • Newsletters and e-alerts
  • Search engine and website optimisation
  • Printed sales material including brochures and letters
  • Training videos and manuals

Corporate Website and Intranet Solutions

Because your corporate needs call for advanced, multiple user systems, we are geared up to offer bespoke systems tailored to multiple users and can integrate a variety of specialist features into any digital media, website design or intranet project. We aim to make a company’s marketing and administration systems far more productive for all concerned throughout the organisation.

All systems can be designed for use by several employees and can be developed with varying user rights so that only an authorised member of staff in each department can have the final say as to updates, amendments and campaigns.

Systems Designed to Grow with your Business

Core Media Design also appreciates that corporate organisations develop and change at far higher rates than other types of business which is why we make absolutely sure that each and every project we work on can be easily upgraded in the future.

All Core Media Design Corporate Solutions digital media development projects embrace a solid corporate identity with full integration of logos, colour schemes and branding into every single facet of your internal and external marketing.


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